Laser Leisure



Heatwaves bring out a Fantasia-like spirit; there is nothing better than a tailored comfy strapless look to take you from brunch to dinner. Checkout these treats: one dress and two sets of accessory options inspired by this muse, Scarlett Johansson.
Laser Cut Sandal: Alaia, Laser Cut Bucket Bag: Alaia, Striped/Khaki Column Strapless Dress: Marquez, Strappy Heel: Guiseppe Zanotti, Grosgrain Clutch: Bottega Veneta

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Stripes Of Sunshine


We are feeling that warm weather ease but, the ubiquitous presence of spring and summer glamour should never disappear from our closet. Here are some favorite picks: one dress and two sets of accessory options that work from day to evening accompanied by our weekend muse, Eva Mendes.

Cork Sole Wedge: Christian Louboutin, Clutch with shoulder strap option: EddieBorgo, Striped Column Tailored Dress: Marquez, White Swirl Strap Heels: Jimmy Choo, Shell Clutch: Rafe.

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I Love…….

With the conclusion of fashion week in Paris, we were inspired by the opulence that generated from the autumn/winter 2017 ready-to-wear collections. Here is a preview of upcoming one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces available to you later this fall. To get a head start, we’ve paired up some of this season’s favorite accessories with designs inspired by the halcyon retro beauty of the legendary icon Lucille Ball. Embrace the love because; Lucy loves you too!









Fashionable Faith

This time of year (and its short daylight) can easily abase a girl but, we feel so extraordinary that something’s got a hold on us. That something is the pleasure of putting together the perfect morning look. Are you ready to rock the workday?

Sequined bomber jacket: IRO, button down shirt: New York Sunshine, culotte pant: Zara, booties: Guiseppe Zanotti.

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The Grateful Alive

post2-11-26-16603497898107post1-11-26-16 Post-Thanksgiving and the rockin’ nostrum that is autumn weather in 2016, keeps a working stylist on the move and layered for every possible situation.
T-shirt: Zadig & Voltaire, scarf: Zara, waist-tied mechanic jumpsuit: Isabel Marant, leather jeans: Rag & Bone, booties: Guiseppe Zanotti, clutch bag: Alice and Olivia

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Ravish Me Red

Halloween, the Festival of Samhain gives us that ineffable feeling every year – the need to let our imagination run wild with our “evening look”.

This year, we rounded up some of our artist friends for a fun spin around the New York City streets with a red splash of party-hopping. Check out some of the glam-tools that can inspire any night out, dead or alive!

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screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-3-12-59-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-07-at-4-28-53-pms1860691-main-lhero Continue reading “Ravish Me Red”

The Three Lives Of Eve

She doesn’t need magazines for inspiration. She has a credit card and plenty of imagination.

Inspired by the classic film ‘The Three Faces of Eve’ with an Academy Award-winning performance by Joanne Woodward, our modern-day Eve shops from this season’s luxury brand accessories and they are sure hits with our imagination.

Is your personality ready to hit the streets in some of these fabulous “luxury meds” ?

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